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Employment Law Report:

Employment Law Newsletter June 2012

Why Do You Need a Corporate Lawyer Involved in Business Planning?

A corporate lawyer and an accountant provide vital guidance for any new business. While most business owners see the necessity of using an accountant for tax reporting and filling out returns, it may not be as apparent why you need legal help from a skilled corporate lawyer. However, the service a Bellingham, WA corporate lawyer… Read More »

Why Use an Attorney for Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements?

A real estate purchase and sale agreement covers many aspects of the transaction. If any aspect of the agreement is unclear and the other party breaches the agreement, you can have a difficult time protecting your rights. Bellingham real estate attorneys can make sure your contract covers all important factors. For example, suppose a purchase… Read More »

Can Non-Compete or Confidentiality Agreements Protect My Business?

You can protect your Washington State business with a non-compete or confidentiality agreement if you follow certain guidelines Businesses have proprietary information that competitors can use to their advantage and to the detriment of the business. One way to safeguard trade secrets is to have employees sign a non-compete agreement (NCA) or confidentiality agreement. Bellingham… Read More »

What are the Advantages of a Limited Liability Company?

Just as with forming a corporation, one of the main reasons people form a limited liability company (LLC) is for asset protection. There are a number of factors to weigh when selecting a business entity and a Bellingham business lawyer can help you make the right decisions. While there are exceptions, for the most part,… Read More »