Helping Employers Address Bellingham Employee Claims

Fighting to protect your business and reputation

Despite their most earnest efforts to treat employees fairly and to prevent harassment and other hostile working conditions, employers still frequently face employee claims. These claims can stem from seemingly innocuous conduct and can result in substantial civil liability. Moreover, allegations of discrimination can be devastating to an employer’s reputation in the community. For these reasons, businesses facing allegations of discrimination under state or federal law need an experienced Bellingham employee defense attorney on their side. Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP has been defending businesses in Washington State against employee claims for more than four decades. We use aggressive negotiation to resolve disputes when possible but stand ready to litigate baseless or unreasonable allegations.

Employee discrimination claims in Washington State

Federal law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees and applicants in hiring, firing and other terms and conditions of employment based upon race, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability or genetic trait. Washington State law expands protection to marital status and sexual orientation as well. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) — the federal agency responsible for enforcing these prohibitions — receives nearly 100,000 charges of discrimination per year.

The EEOC and the Washington State Human Rights Commission aggressively investigate these claims and may assess civil penalties against employers. Moreover, employees alleging discrimination may bring suit in either state or federal court seeking monetary damages against their employers. These damages can be substantial and, therefore, deserve serious attention from a Bellingham employment lawyer.

Dealing with employee discrimination claims

While having thorough employee policies can help reduce the risk of Bellingham employee claims, allegations may still arise. When they do, it is important for employers to take immediate action. Businesses must be careful to preserve relevant records and must take care in their treatment of the complainant and others involved in the investigation, as conduct that could be seen as retaliation is separately actionable.

The Bellingham, WA discrimination lawyers of Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP have practical experience dealing with employment discrimination claims. We know what employers need to do to protect themselves once an investigation begins. We can help your business deal with the EEOC and other investigating agencies to efficiently resolve employment disputes. We utilize alternative dispute resolution and negotiation to efficiently settle cases when appropriate. But as experienced litigators, we are skilled investigators and advocates who can mount a zealous defense on your behalf against baseless or unreasonable claims of discrimination.

Providing aggressive defense against allegations of discrimination

The law firm of Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP defends employers against charges of discrimination in a manner that is both practical and zealous. From our offices in Bellingham, WA, we serve clients throughout Whatcom, Island, Skagit and San Juan counties and British Columbia, providing an alternative to the expensive and impersonal Seattle firms. Contact us today online or by calling 360-671-6565 to schedule a consultation.