Legal Counsel for Bellingham Mergers and Acquisitions

Guiding businesses through mergers and other major transactions

Acquiring or combining with a new company can be an exciting opportunity for growth. But like many major business transactions in Bellingham, mergers and acquisitions also have numerous legal requirements and a high degree of complexity. Fortunately, the mergers and acquisitions lawyers at Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP have been through it all before. They can guide you through the steps of these complex transactions, including due diligence, negotiation and shareholder approval.

The process of mergers and acquisitions in Bellingham, WA

Like any major transaction, mergers and acquisitions require lengthy negotiations and thorough contracts. Companies and their officers and directors must also engage in due diligence — a comprehensive review of the company sought for purchase or merger — in order to satisfy their fiduciary duties to the shareholders. Moreover, in many such deals, a majority of shareholders from each of the involved companies must approve the transaction at an annual or special shareholder meeting. Securing this approval can require additional negotiation.

Due to the complexity of the process, consulting the experienced Bellingham lawyers at Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP is a good first step to ensuring the various tasks necessary to complete a successful merger or purchase go smoothly. We use our negotiation and contract law experience to help you broker deals with other companies and shareholders.

Importance of due diligence in mergers and acquisitions

Due diligence is a crucial and lengthy component of most major business transactions. It involves a comprehensive review of the target company, including the inventory and valuation of its assets, assessment of its current and potential liabilities and an analysis of its future profit potential. While many businesses unfortunately view due diligence as a mere formality, it is actually a crucial step to ensuring your business gets what it bargained for in a major transaction. As experienced business counselors, we can help you conduct thorough due diligence in order to satisfy your fiduciary obligations.

Consult a law firm with 38 years of business law experience

Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP has been guiding businesses through the process of Bellingham mergers and acquisitions since 1974. With a team of five attorneys boasting over 130 years of combined business law experience, our clients know their major business transactions are in trustworthy hands. From our offices in Bellingham, WA, we serve clients throughout Whatcom, Island, Skagit and San Juan counties and British Columbia, providing an alternative to the expensive and impersonal Seattle firms. Contact us today online or by calling 360-671-6565 to schedule a consultation.